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My Letters To The Boys

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This page is like a journal but all letters to the boys.

Dear Brian, Aj, Howie, Nick and Keven,
I hope you like my site dedicated to you. I have been a fan since BSB came out. I will forever be a BSB no matter what. I love your songs, each of your personalitys and the fact that you will forever be around. Your never to old to be a Backstreet Boys because all of you are growing up and so is your music. I am proud of all of you. Aj for giving up drinking, Brian for doing the healthy heart foundation. Nick for breaking up with Paris Hilton who is such a lame women. I am so joyful to Brian getting married and having such a beutiful son, Keven and Aj getting married. You diserve all of the best in life and I wish you internal happyness.

I will write another letter another time.