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Hi there! My name is Jolene but my screenname is Thunderangel. I have always loved the Backstreet Boys since day one and I have all of their albums exsept for "Never Gone" in which I plan to get very soon. I live in one of the city's where they hold their concerts. I think they guys have a great voice for singing. Their music have helped me threw bad times in my life. I am very happy that they are back. I hope I can see them on Sepetember 03, 2005 at the GM place here in Vancouver. Last concert I was at, Keven's bus was the last to leave and all of the fans but me left and Keven waved at me. I smiled back and gave him a wave back. That was a special moment for me. I was up close to his bus and he was on the steps of the bus. I can tell that he loves all of his supporting fans and I am proud to have this site going.

I am the same age as Brian Littrell same month and year but I was born on Febuary 03, 1975. I was born in the usa but moved to Canada at the age of 10. The Backstreet Boys is the only boy band that I love. I feel I have a lot in common with each of the boys. Keven lost his father to cancer, I lost my mother to cancer. Nick like's the same kind of music as me and has a brother name Arron. We both love Basketball. I use to have a foster brother name Arron as well. Please forgive me for my bad spelling. For Aj, we both have had hard times with our life but both kept strong. And for Howie I am not sure yet.

I enjoy lisaning to music, walking, making new friends, reading, writting, shooting hoops, shopping, creating web sites and graphics and playing XBOX, PS2, GAMECUBE games.

I have long blond hair and blue eyes and I am 5'5 tall. I wear glasses and I am in a relationship of 5 years.

Me as a Baby!
I was only 1 years old when this was taken at Orengen USA :)

I am much more lighter now.
I lost a lot of weight since this was taken :)

Isn't this awsome!! I made this in Photoshop 7!
This picture is a pic of me on what I look like as an anime girl. It took me months to finish!

One Of My Cool Signatures that I use in forums!
I use this image in my profiles and signatures in forums.